Are Gaming Chairs worth Buying

gaming chairsGaming is a pretty stationary task. Even though you are having the craziest adventure you are still sitting in a chair or a couch or on your bed. This is problematic, ergonomic experts tell us that sitting for long periods of time is bad for our body.

A solution to this, is buying a gaming chair. It not only gives you a better seating position, they also offer cool features like built in speakers, cup holders. But do they really work or are they a waste?

Cheap Gaming Chairs

There are some budget gaming chairs that are curved and sit directly on the floor. This can be problematic for those who have high televisions. The user will be straining their neck from looking up. These chairs are great for people with televisions on stands. Dont buy one of these if you have a wall mounted set up.

Mid Range Gaming Chairs

Stepping up to a pedastal gaming chair, you get a chair that sits right above the floor. This design is better for ergonomics as it is not straining your neck. Though it is better for console gaming, it wont work for PC gaming.

These chairs have built in armrests which can reduce pain in shoulders and arms. They also have some great built in speakers to blast your games on.

High End Gaming Chairs

Buying the best most comfortable gaming chair will give you a boat load of great extras. These are designed to give you the best gaming experience possible. They are a great investment for the hardcore gamers.

Do office chairs work as good?

Ergonomic Office chairs are often used instead of gaming chairs. The downfall to using an office chair is you dont get head and lower back support. There are some exceptions, but for the most part most office chairs dont offer the support you need for gaming.


DJing on a Cruise Ship

DJing on a cruise ship can be very cool. You get to travel around all the time and get to see people from all around the world. Its a great experience and you probably will never forget it.

DJing on a Cruise

Cruise ship DJing will take you to many places, like cozumel, costa maya, roattan, honduras, nassu, puerto rico and many more.

You can experience all the perks of entertainment, food and hospitality, but you get access to all the stuff that the guests dont see. You get a discount on liqour, excursions and other things. Most importantly you get to practice your skills on you DJ controller.

Downsides you leave you life behind for a long time. Theres also a lot of downtime and you can get pretty board.

Overall its a great experience and it gives you a lot of low stress playing time on your dj controller, if you haven’t picked one up yet you can always check one out here. Best DJ controllers.

Challenges of Cruise Ship Djing

Cruise ship DJing will sharpen your skills as a DJ, you will be able to learn your craft, and will build your skills with dealing with an audience.

You will have to be able to also play for a diverse group of people. Cruise Ships attract people from everywhere in the world so you will have to have a pretty deep music collection so you can please all the guests.

A DJ set on a Cruise Ship

Its normally a bunch of different groups of people who go on cruise ships.

Each group will send someone to make a request at your DJ booth. So you may get asked for latin music, some german music, some reggae music, etc. As a cruise ship DJ you will need to have a DJ controller preferably with a bunch of songs on it already.

Most times you can get away with just playing Top 40. Most people from around the world will know this.

So as you can see, it is very rewarding and diverse working on a cruise ship. You will get a taste of everything.  I recommend it.